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Game changing all day comfort

The purpose of the Coccoon internal pocket system is to separate your private parts from your thighs. We believe the resulting comfort and support is unrivalled and the best in the world.

The Coccoon internal pocket is featured in both our Everyday and Performance Series so you are guaranteed comfort at the Crossfly level.

Our fabric mix ensures that you stay fresh and dry as they are breathable, fast drying and sweat wicking.

What's Skin on Skin friction?

The Coccoon keeps everything in one place without the jiggling or bouncing!

Underneath the surface, some men may have experienced what they thought was the norm:

· Stickiness

· Sweatiness

· Smelliness

This doesn't have to be with our Coccoon technology. Chafing can be a thing of the past so you can focus on your game.


This clever design makes sure that excess moisture is hidden with our 'no show' dual layers. This uses lightweight breathable fabric that is so soft, you will get that instant "ooh!" moment.

No chafing

No sweatiness


No excess drips

Patented innovation for your private parts

Simply put, the Coccoon separates your private parts from your thighs. It's designed to eliminate skin on skin friction and chafing, keeping you cool when it matters so any discomfort is history.

Our innovative pocket system is a patent pending technology which provides maximum comfort and support for every eventuality; whether you're commuting to work, jogging or serving on match point on the tennis court. The uplift you get from the Coccoon is truly unrivalled and once you've tried, you'll never go back to standard underwear.

Love them, or get your money back.

"No chafing on either my runs or long walks with the pram. Good investment!"

- Jesper A

Crossfly has been a vision of a small team of sporting product professionals from the UK and America. Together, we have acquired decades of experience working in the Sports industry for global brands within Marketing and Product Innovation. After a few false starts, some legal issues, a eureka moment, and a global Pandemic Crossfly was finally ready to get going.

WE'VE RAISED THE BAR and deliver the most comfortable underwear and socks you will ever wear; packed with patent pending technologies and features that offer ultimate comfort whatever you're doing. GAME. CHANGED.