Underwear packed with smart patent-pending technology

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Socks packed with smart patent-pending technology

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We Care

We all know there is no other way to live than to live in a sustainable, caring and considered way. Some might disagree and ignore the warning signs but as a company, we want to do things the right way from day one. As such, both our products and packaging are designed to waste less and use the most sustainable materials / fabrics we can get out hands on.

Read on to see how we're achieving this.

100% Recyclable & no plastic

Our packaging has been designer to have zero plastic which is why you only fine a thumb hole behind the underwear box to feel the fabric. Unlike many other brands, we have removed the window completely as we feel it was an unnecessary use of the plastic.

The sock packaging goes a step further and is designed to use very little cardboard to give you just enough information if you're purchasing this in-store. What's more, you will notice that no plastic hanger has been attached for POS purchases. Our design incorporates this within the cardboard. The final touch is that the socks are attached using a cotton thread only, ensuring all is 100% recyclable.

Eco-friendly fabrics

MODAL (made from beech trees)

Modal rayan fabric used in our underwear Everyday Series was first developed in Japan in 1951 as an alternative to silk. Modal is super soft, strong & breathable and has a natural ability to withstand excessive moisture - perfect for long-lasting comfort.

Modal is produced from beech trees. The somewhat complex purification process to turn the wood chips into cellulose to fabric is much more efficient and requires a fraction of the sodium hydroxide than with rayon viscose, which means less toxic waste. So, you can rest happy with your Crossfly underwear!

We haven't reached our end goal. As fabric innovation speed up, we will be implementing them.

Crossfly has been a vision of a small team of sporting product professionals from the UK and America. Together, we have acquired decades of experience working in the Sports industry for global brands within Marketing and Product Innovation. After a few false starts, some legal issues, a eureka moment, and a global Pandemic Crossfly was finally ready to get going.

WE'VE RAISED THE BAR and deliver the most comfortable underwear and socks you will ever wear; packed with patent pending technologies and features that offer ultimate comfort whatever you're doing. GAME. CHANGED.