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A Men’s Guide To The Best Underwear for Your Body Shape

  • 3 min read

When it comes to men's underwear, one size certainly does not fit all. Just like with any other garment, finding the perfect fit for your body shape is essential for comfort and style. In this guide, we'll explore the best underwear options for different body types, ensuring that you feel confident and at ease all day long. Plus, we'll delve into the benefits of Crossfly Underwear, including the 6-inch, 3-inch, and 7-inch leg options, as well as the innovative X-Fly design for easy access when nature calls.

For the Athletic Build: Boxer Briefs

If you're blessed with a muscular, athletic physique, boxer briefs are your best bet. They provide ample support for your well-defined legs and offer a snug fit around the waist without sacrificing comfort. Opt for a longer leg length, such as the 6-inch option, to prevent chafing during physical activities. Crossfly Underwear in boxer brief style ensures the perfect blend of support and breathability. If you’re into sports, then the Performance Series Pro 7” is the one for you. The Pro 7” is made from a nylon blend with strategically positioned mesh panels for maximum breathability. This style also offers Crossfly’s signature technologies, the Coccoon internal support pouch and the easy fast access, the X-Fly.


For the Slim Build: Briefs

Slimmer body types can benefit from the classic briefs. These provide the necessary support without adding bulk, giving you a sleek and streamlined look. The 3-inch leg option works well for slim builds, offering a modern and stylish silhouette. Crossfly briefs add a touch of convenience with the patented X-Fly design, making bathroom breaks hassle-free.


For the Full-Figured Build: Boxers

Men with a fuller figure often find comfort in classic boxers. These provide ample room and breathability, making them ideal for everyday wear. Both of the Crossfly longer length boxers would fit this body type just fine. The Everyday 6-inch boxers offer a mid length inseam for support which also helps with chafing from the inner things.

If you’re looking for something longer, Crossfly offers a 7-inch leg length that provides additional coverage and prevents friction. The 7-inch sits in Crossfly’s Performance Series and are designed to also be sweat-wicking and the anti-microbial material is treated to reduce unwanted smells and odor. Crossfly boxers are made from premium materials that are breathable and offer all-day comfort. What you will only find with Crossfly is their patented X-Fly aerial access that make  restroom visits quick and discreet.


For the Average Build: Trunks

If your body shape falls somewhere in between, trunks are the go-to option. They strike a perfect balance between the support of boxer briefs and the brevity of briefs. The 6-inch leg length is a versatile choice that suits most body types. Crossfly trunks take it up a notch with the X-Fly design, making them an excellent choice for any man on the go.

Finding the best underwear for your body shape is a key aspect of your daily comfort and confidence. Crossfly Underwear not only offers a range of leg options but also incorporates the innovative X-Fly design, providing a convenient solution for bathroom breaks. Whether you're athletic, slim, full-figured, or somewhere in between, there's a perfect pair of Crossfly Underwear waiting for you. Invest in comfort, support, and style tailored to your unique body shape, today!

Crossfly has been a vision of a small team of sporting product professionals from the UK and America. Together, we have acquired decades of experience working in the Sports industry for global brands within Marketing and Product Innovation. After a few false starts, some legal issues, a eureka moment, and a global Pandemic Crossfly was finally ready to get going.

WE'VE RAISED THE BAR and deliver the most comfortable underwear and socks you will ever wear; packed with patent pending technologies and features that offer ultimate comfort whatever you're doing. GAME. CHANGED.