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Comman-DO or Comman-DON’T: How Americans Feel About Ditching Their Undies

  • 3 min read

In the realm of fashion and personal choices, there's always something stirring up discussion, and the latest topic to make waves across America is the question of whether to ditch one's undies or not. It might sound like a peculiar query, but with the rise of comfort-focused clothing and sustainability movements, the debate has taken center stage.

The Rise of the Commando Culture

In recent years, the trend of going "commando" – the act of forgoing underwear – has gained momentum. Advocates of this lifestyle choice cite various reasons for ditching the briefs, from enhancing comfort to reducing laundry loads and even minimizing environmental impact. But is this something you would try in your everyday life? With so many comfortable mens underwear options out there to choose from, we do not see the appeal in going commando!

Comfort Comes First

One of the primary arguments in favor of going commando is comfort. Many individuals find that shedding their underwear allows for better airflow and a sense of freedom, particularly in warmer climates or during intense physical activities like exercise. Without the constraints of elastic bands and fabric, some argue that they feel more at ease and less constricted throughout the day. However, the right pair of underwear, you can get this level of freedom with the right level of support. With the support of the Coccoon, you get the no underwear feeling with the support you need during your everyday activities.

Environmental and Practical Considerations

Beyond personal comfort, the decision to ditch underwear can also be motivated by environmental concerns. With sustainability becoming an increasingly important issue, reducing the consumption of clothing – including undergarments – is seen as a way to lessen one's carbon footprint. By eliminating a layer of clothing from their daily routine, proponents of this movement argue that they can contribute to reducing textile waste and conserving resources. With Crossfly underwear there is no need to ditch the briefs, we use a sustainable modal material to provide the comfort you deserve whilst helping our customers reduce their carbon footprint. Our packaging is also 100% Recyclable!

The Case Against Commando

Despite its proponents, the commando lifestyle is not without its detractors. Critics argue that going without underwear can lead to hygiene issues, particularly in hot and humid conditions where moisture and bacteria can accumulate. Additionally, some individuals may find the sensation of clothing rubbing directly against their skin uncomfortable or even irritating.


Furthermore, certain types of clothing, such as tight jeans or skirts, may not provide adequate coverage or protection for those who opt to go commando. In such cases, the absence of underwear could potentially result in embarrassing wardrobe malfunctions or discomfort.

Lastly, going commando for sporting activities may prove to be a dangerous game, especially in contact sports! Chafing between the legs may also become a problem when the body becomes sweatier from exercise.


The Verdict: To Each Their Own

Ultimately, the decision of whether to embrace the commando lifestyle is a highly personal one. While some individuals swear by the comfort and practicality of going without underwear, others prefer the security and hygiene provided by traditional undergarments. As with any fashion or lifestyle choice, what matters most is that individuals feel confident and comfortable in their own skin.

So, whether you're a staunch advocate of going commando or firmly committed to your trusty briefs, remember that fashion and personal choices are subjective. Embrace what makes you feel good and suits your lifestyle best – after all, confidence is the ultimate fashion statement.

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